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Cinemanila International Film Festival of Manila is not just a festival but it is a way to express craftsmanship, a tribute to Filipino creativity and a toast to the great art of filmmaking.

Cinemanila International Film Festival Manila is not only the longest running festival in Philippines but is also the only internationally reputed film festival of the country.Held annually since 1989, Cinemanila is an international juried film festival that celebrates and promotes Filipino and Southeast Asian Cinema. The Cinemanila International Film Festival adhesive resin for aluminum plastic composite panel(ACP) invokes the bulol as a blessing towards the Filipino film industry in general - as a prayer towards good harvest, a plentiful bounty of excellent Filipino films.

The Cinemanila icon is the bulol, a deity whose presence ensures good harvest.The annual festival of Cinemanila is also known locally by the name of Makati Cinemanila International Film Festival. Screenings, seminars and workshops are held at Gateway Mall Complex 10 and on the Boracay Islands.


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